It’s a backpack! It’s a messenger bag!
It’s Diaper Dude’s NEW
Convertible Messenger/Backpack!

Available NOW at Buy Buy Baby and, the Convertible is the superhero of diaper bags, doing double duty as a convenient backpack and a sleek messenger bag. The Convertible features all the conveniences Diaper Dude bags are known for—built-in stroller straps, three compartments for necessities like bibs and utensils, an included changing pad, breathable mesh padding and a roomy rear compartment—but ingenuity appears in new ways, too.


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From Chris's Blog:

A Learning Moment

One day I was dealing with an issue at work and was a bit frustrated things were not panning out the way I imagined. Later that evening I was sharing my experience with a friend and she proceeded to tell me a story to help pick me up...


For the Love of Limits

When Steve Jobs passed away, my youngest son cried. He didn’t know Jobs personally or anything, but he’d dreamed about meeting him and looked up to him the way other kids might get all starry eyed over a basketball player or Lil Wayne...

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