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Welcome to Diaper Dude

Welcome to Glad you found us. Over Fifteen Years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our oldest son, she came home one day with (I kid you not) a dozen of flowery, feminine diaper bags. She was so excited to show me her first official baby item purchase. I took one look and asked “Where is mine?” She said “Take your pick.” There was no way I was going to schlep a female diaper bag as my own, I thought. That’s why I created Diaper Dude – cool, diaper bags for dads.

For over a decade we have been designing diaper bags for today’s dad to make their life as a parent, easier, stress-free and fashionable at the same time. Functionality is key when it comes to your bag and that’s our main focus. With a large selection of colors to choose from (camouflage, grey, navy or sleek, basic black) Diaper Dude appeals to all dads.

Each bag comes complete with a padded changing pad to provide comfort when changing your baby on the go. The role of Dad is changing dramatically and Diaper Dude is part of that change. Our goal is to assist dad and make him feel more comfortable and confident while on the go. But don’t worry moms. Our diaper bags are popular for women too. As a proud dad of three children myself I can speak from experience that Diaper Dude has been an asset to my parenting. I hope it will be to yours as well. Happy Parenting!

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